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STARS - Search Team and Recovery Specialists
Providing Professional Services to Locate Missing Persons

T.J. Ward partnered with Tracy Sargent of K9 Search & Rescue Specialist, Inc. in 2005 to offer search and rescue services that aid investigation to locate missing persons. Today, T.J. Ward is now President and Tracy Sargent Vice President, spearheading this not-for-profit organization who has been providing such services free of charge to Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, North and South Carolina for more than 12 years.

Top Forensic Specialists


770-722-4241 (cell)
770-816-6078 (pager)







Masters in Public Health Bachelors in General Studies
Associates in Law Secret Security Clearance
Certified Peace Officer (Deputy Sheriff) POST Certified Instructor
NIMS Trainer Licensed Firefighter
Licensed EMT Licensed HAM Radio Operator
Licensed PADI Scuba Diver Certified Emergency Program Manager
Certified Animal Care Specialist Certified Man tracker
Certified Service Dog Trainer and Evaluator Certified AKC "CGC" Evaluator
Licensed by Georgia Office of Homeland Security Certified by the American Kennel Club
Certified by the North American Police Work Dog Association Certified by the National Narcotics Detection Dog Association
Certified by the National Association for Search and Rescue


    Requested to assist in more than 400 searches involving the lost and missing (live and deceased persons)

    Located numerous lost and missing persons with K9 partners (children, hikers, fugitives, convicted felons, disaster victims, elderly persons, homicide victims, suicide, etc)

    Deceased persons cases we assisted in include: remains found in a 30 foot well, remains found in a grave which had been undisturbed for more than 13 years, deceased person found inside collapsed structures, deceased persons placed in landfills, victims and remains found involved in disasters, remains found in wooded and urban areas, victims of a fire/burned structures, and deceased persons and remains involved in airplane crashes.

    Live person cases we have assisted with include: missing hikers who had been missing for more than 24 hours and lost in rugged mountainous areas, children found in wooded areas or at their friend's house, an Alzheimer's victim who walked away from their home, fugitives who ran from police or assaulted another person, vacationers who lost their way in the woods, and persons who were picked up from their last known point.

    Some of the most notable cases we assisted with include the following: "Beauty Queen", "Runaway Bride", Patricia Endres (missing hairdresser), Hurricane Katrina Disaster; Mexico to search for a missing American, Ecuador to search for a missing student.


For more information on STARS and their professional services, click here.

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