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Unfortunately, the world is becoming more and more dangerous every day, especially for high profile individuals. In executive protection services, mistakes can be fatal.

This is why we have created a separate, specialized entity just for Executive Protection managed by Investigative Consultants International. Our goal is to ensure that life-protection cases are handled with the care, discretion and professionalism that they deserve. When someone's life is on the line, every last detail is carefully planned and nothing is left to chance.

Our teams of highly-trained ex-law enforcement, government entity and special forces men and women have been hand-chosen to ensure that our clients, their families, employees, homes, places of business and travel schedules are fully protected every minute of their lives. We accept short term, long term and permanent assignments. Confidentiality and discretion on and off duty are as important to us as our client's physical protection. Our visibility on each mission is a carefully studied combination of the individual's needs together with the complexity of each situation.

Executive Protection International can also offer highly trained and screened security officers for on-site uniformed security details as well as integration with other security staff at large events. All of our teams are proficient in first aid and medical support, environmental control standards as well as fire and alarm procedures.


  • Threat Level Assessment
  • High Profile Protection
  • Key Corporate Executives
  • Home, Business, Travel
  • Advance Teams
  • Security Weakness Identification
  • Spouse, Children, Family
  • Witness Protection
  • Vehicle, Boat, and Aircraft
  • Special Security Services
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