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Managing any type of Corporation today can be a nightmare. Whether an organization is a for-profit or not-for-profit, executives are overwhelmed with laws, rules and regulations that greatly deter from the basic function of the entity to be successful.

On top of that, security issues internally, both human and material, are often a huge problem for decision makers, who should be concentrating their efforts solely on making the organization the most competitive in its market.

Investigative Consultants International's Corporate Services division has developed a series of programs designed to help corporate executives at all levels carry out their work with peace of mind that their business interests are protected against internal and external technological and human attack.

Within the Corporate Services division, the two most requested services are Background Investigations and Secret Shopper Programs. Their popularity are upheld as two excellent tools, carefully designed to ensure employee honesty while being carried out with discretion and efficiency.

ICI has most recently added  Patriot Act Compliance. Very few companies realize to what extent the Patriot Act affects their businesses and their personal lives. Our associates have spent a great amount of time studying this complicated and controversial Bill so that we can offer expert advice regarding the steps companies can and should take to avoid its pitfalls.


  • Background Investigations
  • Pre-Employment Checks
  • Customer Service Reports
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Corporate Documents Security
  • Loss Potential Assessment
  • Property Recovery
  • Patriot Act Compliancy
  • Corporate Image Risk
  • Retail Security
  • Property/Location Vulnerability
  • IT Security
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