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Investigative Consultants International, Inc partners with The Norcross Group to conduct computer forensic investigations and analysis in support of electronic discovery requests, to develop evidence in civil cases, and to determine employee activity for corporate clients - particularly in matters involving embezzlement, theft of intellectual property, inappropriate employee conduct, unauthorized file access, and use of the Internet, E-mail or employer-owned computer or laptop for non-work-related activities.

The team is comprised of experienced professionals who have significant government and private experience, and a thorough understanding of computer technology and evidentiary issues. Using state-of-the-art computer forensic software, we can provide data acquisition services, either on site or in our computer forensics laboratory.

Our computer forensic investigators are specially trained to protect drives, data and files from alteration, damage, data corruption or other events that would destroy evidence produced during the forensic examination.

For more information on how Investigative Consultants International can serve your computer forensic needs, please call 678-356-0146.


  • Identify Evidence
  • Secure Evidence
  • Copy Hard Drives and Storage Media
  • Identify and Preserve Evidence
  • Recover Deleted Files
  • Identify attempts to destroy, conceal or fabricate evidence
  • Review evidence to determine context and relevance
  • Provide testimony as expert witness
  • Spyware Detection
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